Wow, printing books, selling online, and shipping things internationally is complicated! And eBooks... wow! Let’s cover some frequently asked questions and the nitty gritty of shipping costs, returns, customs, eBooks, and terms.

Refunds and returns

Sorry, we don’t offer refunds or returns. All sales are final. The only exception is if your book is delivered in a badly damaged state, or if there is a print defect with the interior pages of the book. We package the book in a sturdy 'stay flat' mailer, which should protect the book against damage. In the unlikely event your book is badly damaged in transit, please send us an email to book [at] roomfive [dot] net and include a photo of the book and packaging, and we’ll take it from there.

eBook formats

There are two types of eBooks; reflowable and fixed layout. Learn more here. We provide both ePub formats, which you can use in Apple iBooks or Google Play (on Android).

A warning for Kindle users

Kindle has its own unique file type (mobi) and format. It's a nightmare to work with, to put it mildly. I did my best to format it correctly, with a heavily edited version. But alas, I am a digital designer; I don't possess the wizard powers required to produce a perfect Kindle-friendly eBook. To my Kindle followers; I am sorry. However, the ePub version you will receive works a treat, and works on Apple and Android devices.

How long until I get my book?

eBooks you will receive instantly upon payment. Paperbacks, we will do our best to process your order as fast as possible. Orders in the United States may take 1-2 weeks, where international orders may take 1-4 weeks. If you can't wait to get started reading the book, then we recommend the discounted package of the paperback and eBook. discount

I entered the wrong shipping address at checkout?

Oh no! If you entered the wrong shipping address at checkout; email us as soon as possible at book [at] roomfive [dot] net. If we haven’t already shipped the book, we can amend the address. If we’ve already shipped the book, there’s nothing we can do, sorry.

Shipping in the United States

All books are shipped from Los Angeles, California. Our domestic shipping costs are based on the cost of us shipping the package to you, including the cost of packaging and a small handling fee.

Shipping internationally

All books are shipped from the United States. We genuinely want to place this book in hands all around the world, but sadly, shipping internationally is expensive! To that end, we have absorbed $10 of this cost, which is reflected in a reduced international shipping rate. Shipping carriers inform us that orders to Europe can take 1-3 weeks to be delivered, and outside of Europe can take 1-4 weeks. In rare circumstances, shipping can take over 1 month — particularly for remote destinations.

Customs (duties) on international orders

We have taken every step we can to declare what the package (we ship) contains, including its value and the appropriate “HS (Harmonized System) code”, which tells the customs officers in the receiving country how they should process it. It’s our understanding that books are usually not subject to duty charges, but we can't guarantee your country's customs won't charge you. If they do, the customer is responsible for paying any duty charges upon receipt. This sounds mean, but it's standard practice.

International duty charges are frustrating. We can’t get around them, but we can offer you a free eBook if you are charged. If this happens to you, please reach out to us at book [at] roomfive [dot] net, send us your proof of customs charge and payment, and we'll send you a free eBook.

A note on the Paperback book

Unfortunately, deviations in paperback books can happen (in the printing process). While the inner pages of every book we sell should be the same, good quality, some books have a slight misalignment of text on the spine of the book. But we stand by the quality of the content, and hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment of the book.

10% discount for design teams discount

Buying for your design team? Get a 10% discount when you order 5-10 books! Visit the buy book page and follow the instructions.

Bulk order discounts discount

If you want to purchase a bulk order of books to sell in a bookstore, or for use at an educational institution, then please reach out to us at book [at] roomfive [dot] net. Tell us how many books you want and what you plan to do with them.

All bulk orders are non-refundable/returnable.

Any further questions?

Please email us at:

book [at] roomfive [dot] net